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Jainism Tour - Patna 2 Nights & Rajgir 2 Nights

Day 01 : Arrive Patna - Vaishali - Patna

Upon arrival at Airport in Delhi, you will be met and assisted by our company representative. Transfer to your hotel for check in. After wash and change drive to Vaishali visit Buddha Relic Stupa : This is one amongst the eight original relic stupas built over the corporeal remains of Buddha.

Visit Ashoka Line Pillor : Alexander Cunningham had identified the present site of Vaishali in 1861-62 A.D on the basis of Chinese records and reconfirmed it by limited excavations (1880-81 A.D). Subsequently two significant excavations were conducted by T. Block (1903-04) and D.B Spooner (1913-14 AD).

In recent years, archaeologist had undertaken the excavations to have the scientific view of the ancient site. Back to the Hotel and Overnight stay at Hotel in Patna.

Day 02 : Patna - Pawapuri - Rajgir

After breakfast check out the Hotel and Processed to Rajgir, en route visit Pawapuri : Pawapuri was at this place that Lord Mahavira, the twenty fourth Tirthankar attained "Nirvana" or eternal salvation from the cycle of death and birth in the year 527 BC. The Pictures shows the "Charan Paduka" housed in Jal Mandir, one of the 5 main temples in Pawapuri. It marks the spot where the mortal remains of the Lord Mahavira was creamated. Overnight stay at Hotel In Rajgir.

Day 03 : Rajgir - Kundalpur - Guniyaji - Lachhwad - Patna

After breakfast check out the Hotel then drive to Patna en route visit Kundal Pur : Kundalpur is one of the sacred places of the jains as it is the birthplace of three out of the eleven disciples of Lord Mahavira.
Guniya Ji: Gunayaji is as old as Lord Mahavira himself. After reaching "Keval Gyan" (a state of complete omniscience) the Lord had arranged for several "Samavsaran" (place for religious preachings) in Gunayaji.
Lachhwad: This tirth belongs to a period earlier than the times of the last Tirthankara Bhagawan Mahavir. It was the capital of King Siddhartha, the father of Bhagawan Mahavir, King Siddhartha's wife Trishala was the daughter of King Chetak. Bhagawan was born of her. When Bhagawan was in her womb, Trishalamata saw fourteen great dreams. Money and corn increased. Everywhere in the kingdom peace and happiness increased. Therefore, on the twelfth day of his birth, Bhagawan was given the name, 'Vardhman'. Bhaagwan was married to Yashodadevi, daughter of King Samarvir. Bhagawan had no love for worldly pleasures. With permission of his elder, brother Nandivardhan, he took diksa on the auspicious tenth day of the dark half of the month of Kartak in the year 513 of the vikram era. Bhagawan was then 30 years old. Bhagawan thus passed 30 years of his life on this holy land. Overnight stay at Hotel in Patna.

Day 04 : Departure to Patna

After breakfast check out the Hotel then departure/transfer to Patna airport. Board the flight for your own destinations.

Service End.