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Jainism Tour to Shikhar Ji and Rajgir: 5 Nights - 6 Days

Day 01 : Arrival at Gaya - Shikhar Ji

Upon arrival at Airport in Gaya Airport, you will be met and assisted by our company representative.

Drive to Shikhar Ji, Check in Hotel and Overnight stay at Hotel in Shikhar ji.

Day 02 : In Shikhar Ji

After breakfast full day visit Shikhar Ji Temple. The temple belongs to the times of Bhagawan Mahavir. There is a mention that Bhagawan Mahavir wandered about here many times and many times his samvasarans were constructed here. It is believed that Gautam Swami, the first Ganadhar of Bhagawan Mahavir attained omniscience here.

There is a mention that Bhagawan Mahavir stayed here many times in the Gunashil. Chaitya 'Guniyaji' is a deformation of 'Gunashil'. And that is the reason why this tirth is important.
Overnight Stay at Hotel in Shikhar Ji.

Day 03 : Shikhar Ji - Rajgir

After breakfast check out the Hotel then drive to Rajgir . Check in Hotel and Overnight stay at Hotel in Rajgir.

Day 04 : In Rajgir

After breakfast check full day visit Lal Mandir go to Udaigiri from Vipulachala, where two temples are present. While digging two ancient Jain temples are also found here. Idols recovered from these two ancient temples are placed in Lal Mandir (Situated in valley). Venuvana : built by king Bimbisara for Lord Buddha to reside. This was the king's first offering to Lord Buddha. Shanti Stupa : he Vishwa Shanti Stupa is located on a 400 meter high hill. The stupa is built in marble and on the four corners of the stupa are four glimmering statues of Buddha. To reach the top of this hill one has to come through the "Ropeways". This place is also called the GridhaKuta. Ajatshatru Fort : Built by Ajatashatru (6th century B.C.), the king of Magadha during the Buddha's time. The 6.5 sq.meter Ajatshatru's Stupa is also believed to have been built by him. Bimbisar Jail : His impatient son and heir, Ajatashatru, imprisoned King Bimbisara here. The captive king chose this site for his incarceration, for, from this spot he could see Lord Buddha climbing up to his mountain retreat atop the Griddhakuta hill. There is a clear view of the Japanese Pagoda. The stupa of peace was built on the top of the hill. Hot Spring : At the foot of Vaibhava Hill, a staircase leads up to the various temples. Separate bathing places have been organized for men and women and the water comes through spouts from Saptdhara, the seven streams, believed to find their source behind the "Saptarani Caves", up in the hills. The hottest of the springs is the Brahmakund with a temperature of 45 degree Centigrade. Sone Bhandar : It is to be said that that it was a store of Gold of King Jarasandha. A unread story about the cave is that there is a lot of gold in this cave and a script is written on a stone is the code to unlock the door of this Swarn Bhandar.

Day 05 : Rajgir - Nalanda - Kundalpur - Pawapuri - Patna Departu

After breakfast check out the Hotel visit Nalanda University : Nalanda is a word known across the world and for centuries. It stands for a university which attracted students and scholars from across Asia and even farther away. It was a centre of excellence not only for Buddhist studies and philosophy but for medicine and mathematics as well. After teaching thousands of students for centuries, Nalanda ceased its existence just as universities were opening up in Bologna, Paris and Oxford at the beginning of the second millennium CE. The shift of centres of knowledge from East to West was symbolic of the eventual transfer of power which followed within half a millennium.

Kundalpur : Kundalpur is one of the sacred places of the jains as it is the birthplace of three out of the eleven disciples of Lord Mahavira. Pawapuri : Pawapuri was at this place that Lord Mahavira, the twenty fourth Tirthankar attained "Nirvana" or eternal salvation from the cycle of death and birth in the year 527 BC. The Pictures shows the "Charan Paduka" housed in Jal Mandir, one of the 5 main temples in Pawapuri. It marks the spot where the mortal remains of the Lord Mahavira was cremated.

Then departure/transfer to Patna airport, board the flight for your own destinations. Service End.